3 Ways to Keep Your Home More Organized

3 August 2017

The average home has a lot of clutter. Most people allow the clutter to get out of hand. Ironically, the more clutter you create, the less likely you are to want to declutter your home. Organizing your home is one way to deal with this problem. Here are three ways you can keep your home organized.

Get Rid of Items You Don't Use

At first glance, everything in your home seems like it's something you need. In reality, you only use a small percentage of the items you own. Go from room to room and find items you haven't used in over a year. If the item is in good condition, donate it. Throw away anything that is broken. Another way to declutter your home is to take an item you are unsure about and put it in a box. Once the box is full, write the date on it. If in a year you have had no desire to use the item, you don't need it.

Reduce Your Paper Trail

The office, mainly your desk, is another area of the home that suffers from a lack of organization. Desks often have bills, school assignments, coupons, etc., stacked on them. One way to handle some of the paper mess is by investing in a mini scanner. The mini scanner allows you to store your bills and documents electronically. If scanning your documents seems like something you won't do, consider signing up for electronic billing. Sort any documents and papers that you need to keep according to the type of document. Store the sorted documents in their own binders or folders.

Label Everything

Label makers are your friend. While labels are common for folders, they can do wonders for organizing other items and areas of the home. Add labels to shelves and storage boxes. Labeling a shelf will remind you of what goes there, and you are less likely to place things that do not belong on the shelf in that spot. Labeling bins according to their content will help you save time when you look for something and keep items neatly hidden.

Organization is something that you probably don't like to do. While it seems like a daunting task, the benefits of having an organized home are worth the effort. Taking the time to organize your home will leave it less cluttered and create a more comfortable space. If you start your journey to a more organized home using these three tips, you will begin to see results and gain motivation to stay organized.